Halloween Ghosts

By: Laura Koppenheffer


  • Coffee filters

  • String (yarn, twine, thread, fishing line, whatever you have around)
  • Stuffing for ghost (fiberfill or cotton balls)



  1. Take a coffee filter and lay it flat. Then fold it in half, being sure to make a crease in the filter.
  2. Make a very small cut in the center of the coffee filter, right on the fold line.
  3. Unfold the filter and draw on a face on one of the halves. Be careful with the markers; they can run on the coffee filters.
  4. Turn the coffee filter upside down and fill with your stuffing.

    1. 1-2 cotton balls for standard size filters.
    2. Amount of fiberfill necessary to to give a rounded head of the ghost.
  5. Tie the string into a knot around the cotton ball.
  6. Cut the string tied onto the cotton ball to desired length for hanging (I cut mine about 18 inches).
  7. Feed the string through the hole of the ghost head. Be careful to not tear the coffee filter.

    1. If you are having trouble feeding the string through, dampen the end of the string so it sticks together.
  8. Gather the coffee filter around the bottom of the ghost head. Wrap a different string around the neck of the ghost several times and then cut the string. Tie the two ends of the string around the ghost head into a knot.
  9. Use hot glue to help hold the knot together and either tuck in the ends of the string at the neck area or glue the ends down so they don’t stick out.